Mad Mountain isn’t just a place to get cool T-Shirts. Mad Mountain is an entire concept. Have you ever felt the rush of being on top of a mountain? Maybe you hiked up there, maybe you took a lift, maybe even a helicopter dropped you off – it doesn’t matter. Being on the top of a mountain gives us a completely new perspective on the world, and our lives, waiting for us back down at sea-level. It conveys a deep relaxation of being out of reach by the stress of your daily life, breathing completely fresh air and being enveloped by nature just lifts the weight of the world off your shoulders. But being on top of a mountain is also about doing something cool, getting out of the house and taking hold of the spirit of adventure.

Mad Mountain has taken this feeling, this mix of relaxing and cool, and used it to create a product that is long reminiscent of that magnificent feeling. Our shirts are a testament to things we’re capable of in life. Our shirts are a reminder to never take yourself too seriously.

We weren’t founded by some fancy corporation looking to make a buck. Behind this screen are just two guys, old friends, who are committed to sharing this idea with like-minded people. We both were raised to love nature in the breathtakingly beautiful Alpine Valley. In between the looming mountains and stunning emerald Soča river, we learned to appreciate the beauty of the world around us for the life it gives us and the fun to be had within its reach. It was there that we turned from children to adults, but our love for the outdoors never changed.

The two good friends wanted to share their love of nature and the extreme adventure sports they did within with the world. They conceptualized Mad Mountain on their own, and continually do their best to continue delivering on killer designs printed on high-quality products. Mad Mountain has become a living being – constantly changing and growing. To see what’s always waiting around the corner, you have to be able to keep up!